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ul listed versa motor

Versa Motor UL Listed Three Phase Asynchronous motor and premium efficiency electric motors.


→ IEC Standard

→ Operation conditions temperature -20oC to 40oC. Altitude ≤ 1000 m

→ B Temperature Rise, S 1 duty

→ IP 55 Protection, Class F Insulation

→ Energy saving, High efficiency

ul listed versa motor

ul listed versa motor

Versa Motor T Series, Fire Pump Motor UL Listed, IEC Standard- TEFC. Versa Fire Pump Motors meet NFPA 20 Standard are fully compliant with UL 1004-5.


From 0.75 kW to 355 kW

→ 2,4 and 6 pole

→ Energy saving and high efficiency

→ IP55 Protection, Class F Insulation

→ B Temperature Rise, S1 duty

→ Designs are available with C-face, D-flange or P-base mounting

ul listed versa motor

Right Angle Gear

VERSA Gear, Right Angle Pump drives for irrigation, industrial, municipal, fire protection, flood protection, cooling towers, marine services and aqua culture farming.

VERSA Gear are manufactured with latest technology conforming to international standard and NEMA frame size to suite any vertical shaft centrifugal or turbine type Deep Well pumps for continuous operation. It is a positive power transmission unit to transmit power from horizontal shaft prime movers like engine, horizontal electric motor or tractor to Vertical shaft centrifugal or turbine pump offering higher efficiency, economy, space saving and works continuously well under any climatic conditions.

versa gear


versa vertical pumpversa pump

VERSA Vertical Single Suction Multistage Centrifugal, with radial suction and radial discharge. The relative position for suction and discharge can be changed. the relative direction will be 0o- 90o-180o-270o.

Application for water supply, booster system, irrigation, fire fighting, snow making, cooling circuits, boiler feed, condensate, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration, spray water system, cleaning system and etc.

Performance Range

Capacity: Up to 550 m3/h
Head: Up to 750 M
Speed: Up to 1750 Rpm
Suction Pressure: ≤ 0.6 Mpa
Operating Temperature:

Standard =≤ 80 oC

Option =≤ 130oC

versa pump


VERSA Submersible Non clog Screw Pump, is a centrifugal pump with clog free pumping, with a screw impeller which easily pumps solids and stringy fibrous material without plugging, high wire to water efficiency, use tandem mechanical sealing systems, can be dry type installations too. Application for raw sewage and sludge, food processing and handling,  paper stock and wood chips, sump clean pump, bacterial flock, easily damaged fruits and vegetables, live fish.

Perfomance Range

Flow Rate: Up to 5675 m3/hr
Total Head: Up to 75 metres
PH Value: 4–10
Liquid Temperature: Max. 40oC
Solid Content Ratio: Max. 20%
Liquid Density: Max. 1.1 x 103 kg/m3

versa pump

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