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Portable Floating Pumps

Versa Floating pumps are designed for pumping water from flooded places, streams, ponds and hard-to-reach-sources of water.

we focus on practical features and easy-to-use operation engine with pump can be easily detached from floater to reach more space during transport.

Dry Priming  Centrifugal pump with diesel engine driven,

This series of pump can transport all kinds of clean, neutral and corrosive medium containing particles, solve a lot of traditinal

self-priming pump faults. This kind of self-priming pump uniquie dry running structure will be automatic startup and restart without liquid for first start, the suction head can be more than 9m : Excellent hydraulic design and uniquie structure keep the high efficiency more than 75%. DPP PUMPS have different structure installation for optional. 


HC Series Horizontal Single Stage Centrifugal Pump designed to use in Cooling water, Salt water, Bilge water, Ballast water, Fire protection, Air conditioning, Boiler Feed Water, Hot water, Fresh water, Chemical corrosive and highly volatile fluids.

Performance Range:

Capacity: 3-300 m3/hr
Head: 7-150 M
Speed: Up to 3500 Rpm
Working Temperature: Max 80 degree Celcius

versa pumpversa pump

Versa Pump MB Single Stage End Suction Mono block Pump, with connecting shaft structure, sucking axially and discharging vertically. They are back-pull-out structure and it will not affect the cover and the pipeline when dissembling the motor and the impeller. The structure is compact. This series pump execute European Union Standard EN733. MB Series and MB-V Series are compact mono block structure and take very small place. The pumps are connecting shft structure. They are fixed on the motor shaft by heating process to ensure the pump shaft and the motor shaft concentric and the pump to run steadily and efficiently. The pumps have low noise, little vibration and steady operation and long lifetime.

Application: Heating supply and central air conditioning system, hot water circulation, fire fighting, industrial water supply, city water supply, irrigation, refrigerating process, boosting system, water treatment equipment, light hydrocarbon process.

Performance Range:

Capacity: 2 - 936 m3/h
Head: 3.5 - 93 m
Speed: 2950 Rpm
Maximal Pressure: 10 bar



TM Series Horizontal Single Stage Centrifugal Pump designed to use in marine service (daily service FW pump, daily service SW pump, Sewage drainage pump, Drinking water pump, FW transfer pump, Bilge pump, FW Cooling Standby pump) and Offshore Platform (daily service FW pump, daily service SW pump, Sanitary pump, Hot water circulating pump, FW cooling pump, FW transfer pump).

Performance Range:

Capacity: 3-150 m3/hr
Head: 7-50 m
Speed up to 3500 Rpm
Working Temperature: Max 80 degree Celcius


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