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AFP - Auto Prime Fire Pump (Vehicle Mounted Fire Pump) (Trailer Mounted Fire Pump) (Light Weight Diesel Fire Pump)

Are centrifugal multistage/single stage pump with a fully automatic priming system built into the design. This enables the pump to self-prime from completely dry condition, even with extended suction lines. Liquid is not required to prime the pump and there fore, in temporary dry trench conditions, the pump will "Snore" until such time as liquid is available.


The Priming System

The priming system utilizes a standard vacuum pump (Vacumat-Full Automatically). Suction Lift: 6 m (Liquid go into the pump within 10 seconds). Normal operating period in 40-45 seconds (Vacumat Stop, Pump Working Normally).


- SAE Mounted
- Flex coupled to various diesel engines
- 12 /24 volt, electric start with control panel
- Skid or trailer mounted (with optional lifting bale)
- 100 liters capacity fuel tank
- Piston vacuum pump automatic priming system
- Diameter of pump's suction/discharge: Ф 3"/2½" Ф 4" 3" Ф 5" / 4"
- Capacity of pump: max. 300m3/h
- Pressure of pump: max. 200m
- Speed of pump: max. 2900 Rpm
- Number of stage: 2 or 3 stages
- Electric Drive option available
- Sound Attenuated option available

Material Specification of Pump
- Volute casing: Aluminum Bronze
- Diffuser: Aluminum Bronze
- Impeller: Aluminum Bronze
- Suction Cover: Aluminum bronze
- Bearing Housing: Cast Iron
- Shaft: Stainless Steel
- Shaft Seal: Mechanical Seal
- Ball Bearing: Grease Lubricate

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