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vehicle mounting versa pump

- Full compliance with International Standards.

- Wide range of pump models available from 1800 L/minute to 4000 L/minute discharge.

- Suitable for any foreign make chassis.

- Extremely low maintenance design.

- Single stage centrifugal design pump has less number of rotating parts resulting into extended life of the Pump.

- Insular valve is incorporated as standard, which allows pump operator to prime the pump even if any of the valves fitted on delivery side are inadvertently fully or partially open or start leaking over the period. The Insular valve is inbuilt and is fully automatic in action, totally maintenance free & rust free.

- Fully automatic reciprocating priming system Pressures or water ring priming in fully automatic.

- Complete interchangeability of pump spares.

- Prompt after sales service.

- Highest quality materials used in pump construction leading to longer pump life.

- Compact design yet powerful.

- Available in high strength sea water resistant light

- Improved self adjusting mechanical carbon Seal having excellent dry running abilities.

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