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VERSA Submersible Non clog Screw Pump, is a centrifugal pump with clog free pumping, with a screw impeller which easily pumps solids and stringy fibrous material without plugging, high wire to water efficiency, use tandem mechanical sealing systems, can be dry type installations too. Application for raw sewage and sludge, food processing and handling,  paper stock and wood chips, sump clean pump, bacterial flock, easily damaged fruits and vegetables, live fish.

Perfomance Range

Flow Rate: Up to 5675 m3/hr
Total Head: Up to 75 metres
PH Value: 4–10
Liquid Temperature: Max. 40oC
Solid Content Ratio: Max. 20%
Liquid Density: Max. 1.1 x 103 kg/m3

versa pump

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