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VERSA Twin Screw Pump, high self priming, low noise level, nearly pulsation free pumping without shear and without emulsification of medium pumped, high efficiency, multi phase pumping including gas and liquids.


→ Oil Field, transfer for various oil products, sewage, waste oil

→ Petrochemical industry, used as transfer pump for conveying various acid, alkali solution, resin

→ Shipbuilding industry, marine as cargo and stripping pump, ballast pump, load/unload oil pump

→ Thermal power plant, heavy and crude oil transfer pump, heavy fuel oil pump

→ Food industry, used for brewery, food factory, sugar refinery, canning factory, etc

→ Coatings and paints industry, used as load and unload pumps of various coatings and paints

Performance Range:

Capacity: Up to 2000 m3/h
Diff. Pressure: Up to 6.0 MPa
Temperature: -20oC - 250oC
Viscosity: Up to 10,000 mm2/s ( when reduced the speed, the viscosity can reach up to 1 x 106 mm2/s)

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