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Versa Vertical Multistage Pump

VERSA Multistage Centrifugal Pumps in ring-section design, radially split, with closet radial impellers and suction impeller at first stage for lower NPSH values. Casing parts sealed by O-rings and assembled by robust tie bolts positioned externally at suction branch. Radial suction and flow inlet which can be rotate every 90o.

Performance Range:

Capacity: Up to 100 m3/h
Head: Up to 1000 m
Max. Pressure: Up to 100 bar
Max. Temperature: -10oC - 140oC
Speed: Up to 2900 Rpm
Standard Flanges: DIN
Suction Inlet: PN 16-PN 25
Flow Inlet: PN 64-PN 100
Standard Flanges: ANSI

Versa pump

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