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VERSA Magnetic Drive Pump, MDP series pump is single stage, single suction, magnetic-driving centrifugal pump, in accordance with international standard API 685. Its prime application is to solve the problem of conveying of inflammable, explosive severely poisonous, precious liquids and corrosive medium. due to non leakage, no pollution, little vibration and low noise, MDP series pump is rewarded as a real environmental product in petroleum, Chemical fiber, fertilizer, power station, metallurgy, food processing and pharmaceutical, etc.


→ Full seal, non leakage, no pollution
→ International Standard API 685, to be line with international convention
→ The processing liquids self-lubricate drive parts, without extra pipe system
→ One or two washers for a pump, ensure safety

Performance Range:

Capacity: 2000 m3/h
Total Head: 300 M
Pressure: 2.5 Mpa
Power: 500 kW
Temperature: -70 degree Celsius to 350 degree Celsius

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