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VERSA Vane Truck Pumps are specially designed to comply with the pumping requirements demanded by LPG industry. Bulk delivery of LPG requires the use of heavy duty, reliable equipment and is an important part of every LPG marketer. The equipment used in modern bulk trucks must be designed and constructed to perform in a broad spectrum of operating conditions.

Sliding vane design is ideal for butane, propane, freon, fuel, gasoline, DME, anhydrous ammonia, propellants, refrigerants and similar liquefied gases. Utilizing Versa unique sliding vane design, these positive displacement pumps offer the best combined characteristics of sustained high level performance, energy efficiency, trouble free operation and low maintenance cost.

Pumps model are available in 2 to 3-inch port sizes. All models have ductile iron construction for thermal shock resistance, low friction ball bearings for high efficiency and quiet operation.

versa pump

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