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VERSA CENTRIFUGAL PROCESS PUMP VS2-VS1-API 610 STD, Vertical Submersible Pump, vertical, single stage, single or double suction suspend pump and discharge from axial center. The pumps are designed according with API 610 standard, for normal VS2 (VS1) pump type. Applicable for pumping large quantities sewage, rainwater, seawater and chemical medium, etc. Liquid transportation such as domestic and industry sewage systems, drainage in chemical and metallurgy industry, seawater desalination, industrial consumption contain sheet iron oxide in rolling mill, recycled water in power plant, chemical liquids in petrochemical industry, etc. Suitable for steel plant, seawater desalination plant, petrochemical industry, for water treatment and supply, for pulp and paper industry, cement plant, power plant, refineries.

Performance Range
Capacity up to 10000 m3/h
Head up to 200 M(loss of sub length must be considered)
Pressure 1.6 MPa (2.5 MPa when higher head)
Temperature -20 degree Celsius up to 50 degree Celsius
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