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VERSA Mixed Flow Pump / Axial Flow Pump designed to be used in water supply, HVAC, water treatment, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, oil &gas field, fertilizers, commercial building, sugar mill, power plant, mining, general services, continuous circulation of corrosive/ abrasive solution, slurry, process wastes, crystalization process brine,seawater, chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, regeneration plants, and sugar salt. Configuration Of Pump: Horizontal / Vertical. Material Of Pump: Cast Iron - Cast Steel - Stainless Steel - Hastelloy - Monel- Titanium - Etc. Standards : DIN – ISO – ANSI

Performance Range:

Capacity: up to 14,400 m3/hr
Total Head: up to 50 M
Temperature: up to 80oC
Impeller Type: Closed - Semi Open - Radial


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