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centrifugal mud pump

VERSA Centrifugal Mud Pump are designed and engineered to provide long lasting, low maintenance service in drilling fluid or industrial slurry applications. These heavy duty pumps have been field tested and meet the most exacting standard for rugged and demanding applications. Centrifugal Mud Series Pump performance gives them the edge in drilling and industrial operations due to high volume, high temperature experience, pumps highly abrasive, high viscosity and corrosive fluids. Good solution for sewage water, slurry, sand, gravel and muddy.

Versa Centrifugal Mud Pump assure long life, outstanding performance, and ease of maintenance with overall economy and are currently in operation offshore around the world and also on land based rigs world wide.

Capacity Up to 4000 USGPM
Total Head Up to 550 feet
Speed Up to 3500 Rpm

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